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WARNING – the health advice which follows is misleading, inaccurate, and dangerous. Meningitis is a serious illness which can cause death. If you suspect that you or anyone you know is suffering from meningitis, then you are advised to seek emergency medical attention immediately. Mumps is also potentially serious and you should consult a doctor.


Copyright Acknowledgement: The following article is reproduced from the Brighton Hove & Sussex Argus. It is reproduced without permission, in the public interest.


Published 26 November 2007
The homeopath
MIRANDA HOLT looks at common illnesses


1 Last month we looked at the homeopathic approach to measles, chickenpox and German measles, with particular reference to the different skin rashes they produce. Continuing that theme, it is timely to see how remedies can help address mumps and meningitis.

2 Meningitis is an inflammation which, quite rightly, causes the greatest fear and there has been much helpful publicity about the symptoms of meningitis. While I will suggest some remedies, I would like to stress that if you suspect meningitis, urgent medical advice should be sought without delay.


3 BELLADONNA is one of the most frequently used remedies and should be used first if there is a sudden high temperature, sensitivity to noise and light, dilated pupils and a red face with bloodshot eyes. There is often a throbbing headache and some delirium.

4 200c potency is best in these situations but if not immediately available, a 30c may be given and repeated after 15 minutes. There should be some improvement within minutes of taking this remedy

5 BRYONIA follows well, especially if there has been a rash or some type of eruption before the illness. Great thirst is an indication for this remedy, with stiffness of joints, headache and nausea. A 30c potency is good, unless there is delirium when a 200c would be best.

6 APIS is another remedy which follows Belladonna well, particularly with young babies. There is a very distinctive high, shrill cry which often presents after one of the more common types of illness.

7 Unlike Bryonia, there is often no thirst but a need to constantly pass water although there is very little to pass. The skin is often red like nettle rash, and there may be puffiness or swelling. This is another remedy that can have a swift effect, taken as above.


8 Two years ago there were many calls concerning the homeopathic treatment of mumps and the following remedies were used very effectively.

9 MERC SOL (VIV) 30c is the first remedy to give, three times daily, if there is smelly breath. Use for two days, by which time the breath should be clear, and other remedies may be needed.

10 PULSILLATA 30c for when the ear is painful or the testes become inflamed. The mood is usually tearful or clingy.

11 RHUS TOX 30c is helpful if the swelling is on the left side, and Belladonna is the remedy if the swelling is on the right.

12 Adult males who have not previously had the disease and are in contact with mumps could take Parotidinum 200c weekly for three or four weeks as a preventative against the risk of infertility.


You can write to Miranda at Body and Soul, The Argus, Argus House, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, Brighton BN1 8AR or email health@theargus.co.uk



COMMENTS by Mugsandmoney


I am not medically qualified, but there’s so much wrong with this article that it took some time for me to get over the initial shock. It’s pretty obvious that Ms Holt has never encountered a serious acute illness, and has no idea of the danger that meningitis in particular represents if it is not treated immediately.

Paragraph 1 starts innocuously, and provided that Ms Holt, in her previous article, gave a warning that the diseases which she has named can have severe symptoms (measles can be fatal or lead to brain damage, German measles is extremely serious during the first three months of pregnancy), then it may be possible to discuss their minor symptoms.

In Paragraph 2. she rattles out a stock clause about seeking medical advice. It doesn’t sound as though her heart is in it though; and she doesn’t make it clear why she thinks it may be appropriate to suggest some remedies if medical advice is also vital.

We begin to come of the rails in Paragraph 3. She says “BELLADONNA ………. should be used first”. This is in direct conflict with the advice in Paragraph 2, and this and the subsequent paragraphs give the impression that Paragraph 2 is only included because someone told her to add it, not because she believes it is vital.

Let’s be absolutely clear; there is only one treatment for a suspected case of meningitis – you dial 999 (or 911) – and get the patient to the nearest emergency hospital as fast as possible. There is no other treatment, there is no other option. To suggest, or even consider, anything else is dangerous in the extreme.

If your suspected meningitis case has the symptoms she describes – high temperature, headache, delirium – then he or she is very seriously ill indeed, and should be in an intensive care unit. In these circumstances, you can not, repeat not, trip lightly down to the local homeopathic pharmacy on the off chance that they might have Belladonna 200c in stock.

And as for “there should be some improvement within 15 minutes” in Paragraph 4 – sorry, Ms Holt, are we really able to pause for a cup of tea and a chat when there is a delirious patient in the house?

Paragraph 5 continues in the same inane way. Oh, the patient still has delirium after taking Belladonna 200c, so I’ll try Bryonia 30c instead? What should I try next, if he still doesn’t improve? Maybe I should call a doctor? No, Ms Holt has completely forgotten about doctors now, – let’s try Bryonia 200c, that might work. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns – I really, really hope that Ms Holt is never around when someone gets a real illness.

Just when you think it can’t get worse, Ms Holt starts prattling about babies with meningitis in Paragraph 6. Once again, the only safe place for a baby with meningitis-like symptoms is in hospital, and the only reliable treatment is conventional. What does she mean when she says “There is a very distinctive high, shrill cry which often presents after one of the more common types of illness”? Is she, or is she not, talking about meningitis?

By the time we get to Paragraph 7, Ms Holt also has used the words “often” four times, giving the false impression that she has seen many cases of acute meningitis and regards it as all part of a normal day.

I will make two assertions –

1. No case of acute meningitis has ever been successfully treated by homeopathy

2. Miranda Holt has never seen an acute case of meningitis

Any reader of this blog is welcome to prove me wrong on either count.

Onward, then, to mumps. This time, she completely fails to mention that mumps can also be a very serious disease, and should be monitored carefully. Complications – according to NHS Direct – can include orchitis, encephalitis, and meningitis (above).

However in most cases, mumps is self-limiting and the symptoms disappear after a week or two; so subject to the proviso above, the rest of the article is superfluous.


Any medical material in this document was sourced from either or both of Wikipedia or NHS Direct:



Next Week:

Rabies & CJD


4 Responses to “Miranda Holt in the Argus”

  1. jdc325 Says:

    Yet more evidence that homeopathy is far from benign. Good stuff mugsandmoney!

  2. brainrobber Says:

    Ms Holt says clearly to seek medical help immediately if you suspect Menningitis: “While I will suggest some remedies, I would like to stress that if you suspect meningitis, urgent medical advice should be sought without delay.”

    I don’t know how much more clearly she could have said it.

    The point you miss is that there is ALWAYS time BETWEEN when symptoms begin and when “medical” attention is available (assuming as you are that homeopathy is NOT medical attention), therefore homeopathics can address and likely ameliorate symptoms during that time – ie the trip to the hospital or while waiting on an ambulance.

    There is NO REASON to be this resistant to or unreasonable about someone suggesting homeopathic treatments.

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